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3 Generations forefathers en parents
Stephanus Beun *1780Maria van Houten *1780Johannes Winter *1789Catharina Elsenburg *1789Jan Steenbergen *1792Cornelia van Daalen *1792Abraham Reinerman *1794Petronella Allart *1794
Eugenius Staubach *1807Alijda Maria Johanna Burckan *1807Joannes Beun *1814Sophia Christina Winter *1821Anthonie Steenbergen *1835Anna Dorothea Jacobine Reinerman *1835Pieter van der Haagen *1817Wijntje Velders *1817
Rabanus Bernhardus Carolus Staubach *1844Catharina Maria Beun *1844Antonie Steenbergen *1859Willemina Maria van der Haagen *1859
Johannes Eugenius Staubach *1880Willemina Maria Steenbergen *1880

Information sheet of Robanus Bernardus Carolus Staubach

Additional information
Brothers and sisters (∞ partners):
[M] Johannes Theodorus Staubach
                    ∞ [F] Maria Cornelia Kools
[M] Willem Staubach
                    ∞ [F] Agatha Ponk
[F] Helena Petronella Staubach
                    ∞ [M] Cornelis Albert Besselink
[M] Johanna Maria Staubach

Partner [F] Elisabeth Janette Frederika Lensen

Date of marriage : 01-05-1918, at Amsterdam (Noord-Holland), info, info

Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

- What kind of genealogy information is presented on this site?
answer: www.pondes.nl is showing birth, baptism, deceaded and burial information. This goes back till the year 1600. Also transcripts and legal ancient information is shown. This goes back till 1450.
The eldest information goes back till 1350. This eldest information is found on internet.
The major part is from 1800 until today. A significant part is from the period 1600 till 1800.
The source is mentioned for all shown information.
As good as possible the sources are linked. This is therefore a big reconstrion of family information. This should ease gathering family information. And that is the main goal: facilitating the search of family infomation because is it takes a lot of effort to this alone.
All birth information is older than 100 jaar, marriage information is older than 75 jaar and death data is older 50 years.
Used signs: '∞' means 'married to'.

- I found many of my ancestors. What is the relation with your family?
answer: There is a possibilty, but this possibility is very small.

- What means ABT1853 or 'around 1853' with the presented birth date?
answer: ABT1853 means that this person is born around 1853. This can be wrong if the exact information is not in this database. Sometimes this can differ more than 40 years if the expected date is retrieved from a record that did not mention any birth information.

- The date of birth is far from correct? The date is just after or before the date of marriage?
answer: The date of birth is calculated if specific information was not found. A calculated date is retrieved from the deceased date by substracting 10 years of the deceased date. The birth information will automatically improve if birth of baptism information is found.

Improvements and additions:
Please send your improvements and additions as a ged file, Excel or MS Access file to bricht@pondes.nl (replace 'bricht' in bericht).Please do not send unstructered text files like with MS-Word or a Pedigree file. Usefull information in these text files take a lot of effort to transform to the database.
A ged file can be made with Personal Ancestral File (PAF), Genopro, Aldfaer or one of many other genealogy programs.

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